Me at my rig in Paper Panther’s studio

You may have noticed my lack of visibility online over the past several months, well, now you can blame Paper Panther Productions. In May of 2016, I innocently agreed to work on an intriguing new venture conjured up by the wonderful Carol Freeman, one of the legs of the Paper Panther tripod.

Alongside Carol, three other stalwart painters, and several animators, we tackled a 6 minute short film, called The Bird and The Whale. When I hopped on board, work was already underway on a couple of different scenes. Here’s a timelapse of my first shot: The Storm.

This beautiful beast of a short film, consisting of thousands of paintings, is not quite finished. But it’s due in the next few months and I cannot wait to see it.

Please have a look at their page to see the work in progress, a teaser trailer, and a few studio shots, not to mention all the other marvelous projects by Paper Panther.